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Pars University
Farinaz Farbod

Assistant Professor

Arts(Fashion and Textile Deign)


Ph.D., Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran Iran May,2009

  • · Research in Art History
  • · Advisor: Mohammad Khazaei, Ph.D.
  • · Thesis: the Impact of Industrial Revoloution on Persian Textile during Qajar Era.


M.A. · Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran Iran Septembre,2003

  • · Art studies
  • · Advisor: Mahmoud Tavussi,, Ph.D.
  • · Thesis: Comparative Analysis of the Symbols of Fire in Persian and Indian Arts.



  • · Alzahra University, Tehran Iran May,1999
  • · Textile & Fashion Design


Honors & Awards

  • · 1 st Prize, Islamic Fashion Conference, Tehran Iran November,2012



Peer-reviewed research

Farbod, F., & Pourjafar. M.R. (2007). Comparative analysis of Textile design Between Sassanid and Byzantine Empires, journal of Fine Arts, No.31: 65-76

Farbod, F., Khazaei, M., & Rahnavard, Z. (2009). A Comparative Study on the Persian Textiles in Ilkhanid era and Italian textiles in thirteenh and fourteenth centuries. Journal of Fine Arts, No.36:111-122

Fathi, L., Farbod, F. ( 2010) The evolution of bird and mythological winged creatures motifs in Buyid and Seljuk textiles Negareh Journal, Vol.4, No.12: 41-52

Purabrisham, E., Farbod, F. (2011) Sustar Diba (Silk textile) in Historical documents, Journal of Fine and Applied Arts, Vol. 3, No.45: 53-62

Afhami, R., Farbod, F., & Fathi, L. (2011). Clothing Design during the Parthian era (Pattern, Cutting And Sewing of Garments), Negareh Journal, Vol.5, No.17: 31-45

Farbod, F. (2014) the Aesthetics of Sustainable approaches in textile design, Journal of Fine and Applied Arts, Vol. 19, No.3: 65-76

Nikoukar, Mansoureh, Farbod, F. (2015) The role of additive manufacturing technology in sustainable fashion, Name Honar, Vol.8, No.16: 115-133

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