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Mohammadreza Matini

Ph.D. in Architecture, Germany

List of articles:

3DCG reconstitution and virtual reality of UNESCO world heritage in danger: the Citadel of Bam

K Ono, E Andaroodi, A Einifar, N Abe, MR Matini, O Bouet, F Chopin, ...

Progress in Informatics 5, 99-136


Biegsame Konstruktionen in der Architektur auf der Basis bionischer Prinzipien

MR Matini

University of Stuttgart


Memory of the Silk Road-The Digital Silk Road Project

K Ono, A KITAMOTO, E Andaroodi, M Onishi, Y Nishimura, MR Matini

Proceedings of (VSMM08), Project Papers, Limassol, Cyprus, 437-444


Application of “abstract formal patterns” for translating natural principles into the design of new deployable structures in architecture

MR Matini, J Knippers

Design and Nature IV, 147-156


Digital 3D reconstruction based on analytic interpretation of relics; case study: Bam Citadel

MR Matini, A Einifar, A Kitamoto, K Ono

Proceedings of the 22nd International Symposium on Digital Documentation …


Post-disaster reconstruction of cultural heritage: citadel of bam, Iran

A Kitamoto, E Andaroodi, M Matini, K Ono

Proceeding of IPSJ SIG computers and the humanities symposium, Kyoto, 11-18


3D reconstruction of a collapsed historical site from sparse set of photographs and photogrammetric map

N Futragoon, A Kitamoto, E Andaroodi, MR Matini, K Ono

Asian Conference on Computer Vision, 286-295


Accuracy verification of manual 3D CG reconstruction: Case study of destroyed architectural heritage, Bam Citadel

MR Matini, K Ono

Euro-Mediterranean Conference, 432-440


Post disaster virtual revival: 3D CG manual reconstruction of a World Heritage Site in danger

E Andaroodi, MR Matini, K Ono

Virtual Reality-Human Computer Interaction, 261-286


3DCG reconstitution and virtual reality of UNESCO world heritage in danger

O Kinji, E Andaroodi, A Einifar, M Matini

The Citadel Of Bam, Progress In Informatic


Development of CAD-based 3D drawing as a basic resource for digital reconstruction of Bam’s Citadel

MR Matini, E Andaroodi, A Kitamoto, K Ono

UNESCO World Heritage in danger). In: Ioannides, M., Addison, A …


A 3D approach to reconstitution of the adobe citadel of Bam after earthquake: A complementary interpretation of architectural heritage knowledge, aerial photogrammetry, and …

MR Matini, E Andaroodi, K Ono

International Journal of Architectural Heritage 13 (4), 600-618


3Dimensional reconstitution and virtual reality, bam and its cultural landscape

E Andaroodi, K Ono, AB Kitamoto, M SM

Retrieved February


Design of a curved-line bending mechanism inspired by skin wrinkles for elastic–kinetic structures in architecture

MR Matini, R Haghnazar

International Journal of Space Structures 33 (3-4), 124-137


Tilted Arch; Implementation of Additive Manufacturing and Bio-Welding of Mycelium-Based Composites

B Modanloo, A Ghazvinian, M Matini, E Andaroodi

Biomimetics 6 (4), 68


Horizontal and vertical movable drop-down shades performance in double skin façade of office buildings; Evaluation and parametric simulation

M Rasuli, Y Shahbazi, MR Matini

Naqshejahan-Basic studies and New Technologies of Architecture and Planning …


Virtual 3DCG of the Citadel of Bam

MR Matini

Pacific-Rim Symposium on Image and Video Technology 2009


BIM based decision-support tool for automating design to fabrication process of freeform lattice space structure

S Haghir, R Haghnazar, S Saghafi Moghaddam, D Keramat, MR Matini, ...

International Journal of Space Structures 36 (3), 164-179


Hyperbolic paraboloid (HP) pantographic structure with liner scissors

A Osmani, MR Matini, Y Shahbazi, H Golabi

Architecture Civil Engineering Environment 10 (4), 89--99


Rigid-Cover Pantographic Structures with Variable Moduli.

A Osmani, MR Matini, Y Shahbazi

Caspian Journal of Applied Sciences Research 4 (9)


Simultaneous implementation of heterogeneous data for 3-D reconstitution of the UNESCO world heritage in danger: Arg-e-Bam

E Andaroodi, MR Matini, N Abe, K Ono, A Kitamoto, T Kawai, E Mokhtari

IPSJ Symposium Series, Jinmonkon, Kyoto 15, 265-270


Enhancing Structural Capabilities of Rotationally Symmetrical Synclastic Shells in Architecture Inspired by Geometric Features of Bird Eggshells

E Gholamzadeh, MR Matini, SY Islami, G Talischi

Naqshejahan-Basic studies and New Technologies of Architecture and Planning …


A Morphological Study of Synclastic Surfaces in Nature and Architecture

E Gholamzadeh, M Matini, SY Islami, G Talischi

Honar-Ha-Ye-Ziba: Memary Va Shahrsazi 26 (2), 51-66


A Classification of Elements Associated with the Concept of Adaptability Based on Functional Scales

M Mohammad Hosseinzadeh Golabchi, K Taghizadeh Aazari, MR Matini, ...

Soffeh 31 (1), 15-32


Innovative Architectural Constructions Inspired by Natural Aggregate Systems

F Eskandari, MR Matini, M Esmaeili

Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series A 102 (1), 215-223


Analysis and Modeling of Vascular Structure of Plant as Structural Coverage and Comparative Comparison with usual Structures

M Khorsand, S Haghir, MR Matini

The Monthly Scientific Journal of Bagh-e Nazar


Analyzing and Modeling the Computational Vascular Structure in Plants’ Leaves as a Structural Building Envelope and a Comparative Comparison with Common Structures

M Khorsandnikoo, S Haghir, M Matini

BAGH-E NAZAR 18 (97), 65-80


Recognition, analysis and study of swarm intelligence application of Physarum optimization algorithm in architecture and urbanism

MR Matini, S Khaghani, AB Baradaran

Honar-Ha-Ye-Ziba: Memary Va Shahrsazi 25 (2), 83-91


Compliant Mechanisms; an Approach Leading to Functional Deficiencies Reduction in Kinetic Skins

M Matini, E Kakouee

Honar-Ha-Ye-Ziba: Memary Va Shahrsazi 24 (2), 39-48


Comparative Comparison of Temperature Reduction Solutions in Homeostatic Faç ade

AK Taghizadeh, MR Matini, M Zare

Modares Mechanical Engineering 19 (8), 2023-2029


Pliable Convertible Structures in Architecture Inspired by Natural Role Models

MR Matini

Honar ha ye ziba 20 (1), 67-80


Courtyard Lightweight Roofs for Historical Buildings in Iran; Analyzing the Current Samples and Proposing Design Guide Models

MR Matini

Honar ha ye ziba 19 (3), 15-28


Wandelbarer Leichtbau in der Architektur - Biegsame Flächentragwerke auf der Grundlage bionischer Prinzipien

MR Matini, J Knippers, J Lienhard

Patente aus der Natur


3-D Reconstitution and Virtual Reality of World Heritage Site in Danger: the Citadel of Bam

E Andaroodi¹, M Matini, N Abe, K Ono¹, T Kawai


Post-Disaster 3D Modeling of a Collapsed City: Citadel of Bam, Iran

A Kitamoto, E Andaroodi, MR Matini, K Ono



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