Pars University
Pars University
"New Field in Master's Degree: "Architectural Technology -Strengthening Historic Buildings

Pars University with nearly a decade of successful education in master's degree programs in various fields related to construction and architecture, including the master's degree in "architectural technology" and the master's degree in "restoration of historic buildings"; With the consent and grant of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, it has taken action to launch the field of architectural technology - strengthening historic buildings. This field, like the other fields of this university, will be held with the presence of top professors of the country.

This field has a balanced view of the "technical" and "cultural" entities of valuable architectural phenomena, and its purpose is to train senior engineers who are familiar with the basics and principles of new architectural technologies and the new principles of architectural heritage protection. Creating the ability to prepare plans for the stabilization and modernization of historical structures and environments is one of the main goals of this field.

Pars University of Architecture and Art, with the successful background of its professors in huge projects for the protection of Iranian heritage and with the cooperation of world-class universities in this field, has taken a step to help protect the country's heritage by training talented engineers, And introduce Iranian experts to the world.

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