Pars University
Pars University

Department of Executive & Cultural Affairs (D.E.C.A)

Pars University of Architecture and Art, at the national level, in addition to its new approach in the field of education and research, considers itself obliged to be a pioneer in the field of culture and art by creating culture and strengthening the roots of art in society. Pars University, while emphasizing the production of knowledge and training of professionals and planning for their future employment in the community, strives to promote the values and inner beliefs of students to effectively participate in the professional environment.

Considering the function and special position of the university in the development and progress of the country and considering the importance of culture and undeniable role of side cultural activities as informal trainings in attracting talents, cultivating creativity and abilities and increasing students' practical experiences , Department of Executive & Cultural Affairs entitled "Decapars", has started its activities in the field of directing and organizing the cultural-artistic activities of the university.

"Decapars" is responsible for policy-making, implementation and guidance, monitoring and evaluation of all cultural events of the university and providing the necessary arrangements to meet the cultural and artistic needs of students.

Description of duties:

1- Planning, directing and supervising the cultural and artistic activities of the university

2- Creation and expansion of cultural, artistic and educational events

3- Holding scientific-experimental sessions with practical topics for students, with the presence of professors and intellectuals in the field of art and architecture of Iran and the world

4- Establishing relations and joint cooperation with universities, centers and institutes of art and architecture inside and outside the country

5- Creating suitable grounds for presenting students' cultural and artistic works

6- Establishment of cultural and artistic centers

7- Supporting the scientific, cultural and artistic activities of student associations

8- Holding educational workshops, specialized competitions, visits, cultural and artistic exhibitions, festivals, etc.


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