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Hamid Ajami

Hamid Ajami was born in 1962 in a traditional family in Tehran. His late father, Mr. Hedayatollah, a respectful poet and a prestiged calligrapher, was his first instructor. 

Hamid Ajami started his serious activities with Iran’s Calligraphy Association in 1978, to get familiar with principles and regulations of academic calligraphy. His favorite style of calligraphy was “Nasta’ligh Script”, which took four years of schooling under the supervision of Master Keykhosro Khoroosh and there he learned the most important principles of calligraphy. Passing “Good” and “Best” levels in this field, he went to the great Master, Gholam-Hossein Amirkhani, to complete what he had learned before. He started his professional activities in 1981. It took him about eight years of training to become qualified for the achievement of “Excellent” degree from Iran’s Calligraphy Association. Then he began to teach “Nasta’ligh Script” to those interested  in this style. While teaching, he continued his great attempts to get acquainted with printing, layout, and essentials of coloring and illuminating (Tazhib).

Consequently, he learned visual arts basis, specially its role in calligraphy. In relation to this matter, during the next six years he met some outstanding artists and obtained very precious experiences. In order to achieve his advanced objectives, like any other artists, he established “Fard-A Cultural and Art Institute”. So, six well-known and prominent artists rounded up, cooperating with this Institute. All these people together have created a fascinating atmosphere in Fard-A to present visual arts, especially calligraphy, to those who are enthusiastically interested in arts.

Now after twenty-two years of perseverance and hard work, it is evident that a talented, decisive and genuine artist has got the power to make fundamental changes as an invention in the field of art. Since 1995, he has been working on the new “script” he invented. In this new script, he has obeyed all traditional principles and regulations of calligraphy. By the acceptance and confirmation of Iran’s Art Society, particularly those of experts, Hamid Ajami has the honor of naming his new script “Mo’alla” (the Exalted).The issue of claiming the invention of “Mo’alla”, regardless of genuine background of calligraphy in the last hundred years, will leave doubts for calligraphy and art enthusiasts, though it is ascertained that such an initiation had not been manifested during the last two hundred years. His first individual exhibition was held in October 1999 in Tehran, consisting of forty handwritings called “Mo’alla Script”, showing his technical and specialized abilities in this style of writing. The exhibition was very successful and was visited by various art groups in Iran with enthusiasm.

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