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Eskandar Mokhtari

Born in 1956, a Tehran University graduates of Archaeology and Art History and Pardis University postgraduate of Restoration of architecture and Historical Fabrics and PhD. D. holder in Art Research (in architectural conservation). He, also member to versatile expert societies, has amassed a 30-year old repertoire of connoisseur ship and resourcefulness in domains of historical monuments meanwhile spearheading multifarious research projects and managing maintenance of many historic relics and vestiges in Saveh, Tehran, and Bam.
Between the years 1994 through 2004 he assumed deputy-presidency of the department of Preservation and Rehabilitation of Historical Monuments under Tehran Cultural Heritage Organization. Following the incursion of Bam earthquake(2004), he was the director of Recovery Project of Bam’s Cultural Heritage (up to 2010), and also the manager of the historical site and monuments of Tehran between the years 1996 to 2010. His published legacy so far exceeds 53 articles in specialized periodicals and journals pertaining to preservation and restoration of historical edifices, history of architecture, and Iranian urbanization. One of the latest literary works of him is compilation of a book, named “The Heritage of Iran’s Modern Architecture”.
Eskandar Mokhtari has been teaching “restoration of monuments” at Azad university of Tehran in faculty of Arts and Architecture since 1999.
Also he is a founding member of “Tehran’s Studies Institution.”

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