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ROGLAB OPEN+Parsiocad: Active Aging


Parsiocad is one of the invited Fab Labs in this competition.

The teenagers that kicked off Beatlemania and the Woodstock hippies are all in their seventies, while the first Elvis fans are well into their eighties. The elderly people we see around town are no strangers to a rock and roll attitude and the rebellious side of pop culture, since they're the ones that invented them. They were the original rebels without a cause.
It's precisely these generations that are the subject of this year's ROGLAB OPEN: ACTIVE AGING initiative. This open call is being held by RogLab, a fab lab in Ljubljana that received the prestigious Eurocities Innovation Award, and the Slovenian Centre for Creativity under the auspices of the Museum of Architecture and Design. The open call aims to draw the attention of both designers and the public to the needs of the elderly, and to encourage the production of products and services aimed especially at them.
What's the creative challenge you're expected to tackle? In short: to design a socially conscious solution enabling people over the age of 70 to lead active and independent lives at home or in public spaces, be it indoors or outdoors.
If you feel at home in graphic, fashion, spatial, industrial, product, service or other design disciplines, if you're interested in socially conscious solutions and intergenerational collaboration, if you enjoy a cross-cultural creative atmosphere and aren't afraid of competition from around the world, this open call is just the thing for you!
We'll select eight projects that their authors will get to develop, with our assistance, into tangible prototypes at the international workshop to be held in Ljubljana. The selected projects will be put into the running to receive cash prizes, and will also be reimbursed for travel and accommodation expenses incurred and the material costs of prototype production, while also receiving mentorship assistance and technical support in developing their solutions, business plans and international promotion.

Who is the open call for?

Working and retired designers, architects, artists, engineers, makers, students and businesses (we accept both individual and group applications).

fields of interest

Product design, industrial design, architecture, graphic design, fashion design, spatial design, the Internet of things, service design in combination with product and graphic design, robotics etc.


Inclusion, intergenerational collaboration, design for all, independence, active aging, etc.

Application deadline

12 April 2019


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