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Pars University
Masood Sepehr

Born at September 1956 Tehran Iran

Education and Training: Professional Doctorate in Graphic Design; Ministry of Higher Education (I.R.Iran) 1996 • Certificate of "Digital Type Technology" Apple Training Centre; (Paris - France) 1994 • B.A. Degree, Typographic Design, Print Planning & Production; London College of Printing (Britain) 1978 •
Spoken Languages: Persian, English and German

Professional Activities: Corporate Design Projects • Visual Identity & Design for Signs & Maps, Tehran Metro, 2009-2008 • Over 200 Logotypes, Monograms and Symbols for various Iranian institutions, and Visual Identity Programs, 1982-present • National Orders, Badges, Shields and three dimensional Awards for governmental and non-governmental organizations,1990-present • Book Cover and Publication Design, 1982-present • Farsi Typefaces, Amoozeh (Ministry of Education, School Books), Yekan (MacOs Farsi Script), Barakat ( Iranian Knowledge Based Web- site), 1992-present • Founder and Director of Sepehr Design Partnership, 1982-present • Graphic Designer at Peter Hatch Partnership (Design Firm, London-England), 1979-1979 •

Other Activities: Senior Lecturer (Faculties of Visual Communication & Graphic Design): Tehran University,

Kish International Campus, 2016-2014 / Tehran University, 2014-2010 / Isfahan Univesity of Art, 2016-2010 / Tehran University of Art, 2008-1989 / Islamic Azad University, 2011-2009 • Vice President of IGDS (Iranian Graphic Designers Society)2015-Present • Vice President of IGDS (Iranian Graphic Designers Society) 2009-2006 • Member of the Board, Official Inspector,and Consultant of IGDS,2006-1996 / Founding member and head of the board of directors IGDC (Iranian Graphic Design Cooperative), 1999-1995 • Member of: Jury, Consulting Board and Executive Committee of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Iranian Graphic Design Biennial, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts 1998-1988 •

Published Articles and Books: Author of the books: Analysis of Graphic Works in Visual Communication Fatemi Publication Co Tehran-Iran, 2016 • A Footnote for Signs Hermes Publishing Co Tehran-Iran, 2014 • Persian Edition &Translation of: The Compendium-Pentagram, PPO Publisher Tehran-Iran, 2011 • Persian Edition &Translation of: A Primer of Visual Literacy (by: Denis A. Dondis the MIT Press- 42 (1974nd Persian Edition Soroush Publishing Co Tehran-Iran, 2013 • Author of several articles and public presentations mainly on Persian graphic and typographic design,1986- present •

تاریخ ارسال: 1401/01/15

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