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Mahmood Hosseini

Associate Professor at Structural Engineering Research Center, Board Member of the Center
of Excellence on Risk Management, International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and
Seismology (IIEES)
Address & Contact Details: No. 21West Arghavan, North DibajiSt., Farmanieh, Tehran
19537, Iran, or P.O.Box 19395-3913, Tehran, Iran,
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Part-time Faculty Member at Civil Engineering Department, Graduate School, South Tehran
Branch of the Islamic Azad University (IAU)
Address & Contact Details: Sh. Dehhaghghi Boulevard, Sh. Mahallati Ave., Tehran, Iran,
Tel: +98 21 33722831-7 Ext. 3256

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, School of Engineering, University
of Tehran, 1985 (Extended directly to M.Sc. studies – Straight)
M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (continuously after B.Sc. studies) – Majoring in Structural
Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, School of Engineering, University of Tehran,
Thesis Title: Dynamic Analysis of Multi-Span Beams Having Internal Discontinuity under
Impulsive Loads
Ph.D. in Civil (Structural) Engineering, Concentrating on Dynamics of Structures and
Earthquake Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, Science and Research Branch of
the Islamic Azad University (IAU), Tehran, Iran, 1991.
Dissertation Topic: Stochastic Response of Nonlinear MDOF Systems Subjected to Nonstationary
Earthquake Excitations

 Conducting a thorough study on “Seismic Upgrading of Gas and Water Systems” as the
Sabbatical Leave Study and Research Work in School of Civil and Environmental
Engineering, Cornell University, USA, June 2001 – September 2002.
 Developing the curriculum of a new course entitled “Earthquake Considerations in
Architectural and Urban Design”, proposed to and approved by the School of
Architecture of Cornell University, and teaching that course there in second semester of
school year 2001-2002

Teaching another course entitled “Structural Concept” in the School of Architecture of

Cornell University in summer semester of 2002.
COMPLEMENTARY EDUCATION (most recent first):
 Seismic Isolation – Theory, Practice and Techniques for Developing Countries, Short
course at IIEES, Instructed by Prof. James Kelly from University of California at
Berkeley, USA, and Dr. Farzad Naeim from John A. Martin & Associates, USA, May
 Earthquake Resistant Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Short course at IIEES,
Instructed by Prof. Thomas Paulay from University of Canterbury, New Zealand, May
 Aseismic Design of Steel and R/C Structures, Lectures presented at IIEES by Dr. Farzad
Naeim from John A. Martin & Associates Inc., USA, June 1994.
 Random Vibrations with Application to Earthquake Engineering, and Recent Advances
in Passive and Active Control, Short Course at IIEES Instructed by Prof. G. Ahmadi
from Clarkson University, USA, July 1993.
 Lessons from Earthquake Damages, Seismic Diagnostic Method, Repair and Retrofitting,
and Design Guidelines, Lectures Presented at IIEES by Dr. M. Hirosawa from BRI,
Japan, March 1992.
 Forced vibration, Seismic Instrumentation, and Testing of Buildings, Lectures presented
at IIEES, by Dr. Y. Yamazaki from BRI, Japan, November 1991.

SPECIAL TRAININGS/VISITS (most recent first):

 Earthquake Sources and Regional Lithospheric Structures from Seismic Wave Data, A
One-month Course held at International Center for Theoretical Physics (I.C.T.P.), Italy,
in November 1990, and taught by Professors from Italy, USA and Russia, including
Professors Panza, Jordan (from MIT), and Levinsky, etc.
 A 45-day Scientific and Technical Visit in 1989to Japan, visiting several Japanese
universities and research centers, including Earthquake Engineering Research Center of
Tokyo University, Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), Chiba Experimental Station of
Tokyo University, Kajima Corporation, Tsukuba Science City, Okumura Corporation,
Tsukuba University, Building Research Institute (BRI), Public Work Research Institute
(PWRI), Kyoto University and its Uji Campus, Kobe University, and Port Island, during
which I visited several professors and researchers, including Professors Minami,
Katayama, Okamoto, Kameda, Iemura, Minaii, Matsushima, Yamazaki, and Takada, and
had technical discussion with some of them with regard to various Earthquake
Engineering Issues, as well as my Ph.D. Dissertation.


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